Enjoy vacation in Pornic, to discover the treasures of this historic city.

Throughout the year, Pornic is a lively resort, offering its residents and its guests a rich and varied entertainment program …
Song Festival Café, Carnival Spring or Summer, Jazz Festival, Festival of the Sea, Brittany Feast of St. Gilles, Art Walk …
In July and August, the Summertime radiate to the 4 corners of the city: concerts, street theater, artistic surprises are given to all, big and small.
Art lovers can also, through the streets, explore the many exhibitions and galleries.
Music lovers are not left with the programming of classical concerts.

Discover Pornic

With its spas, marinas, golf course and casino, Pornic hand to meet the new century, in not denying anything of the strengths of its prestigious past.

Located on the Atlantic coast, south of the Loire estuary, 50 km from Nantes, the city of Pornic Breton sounds good as it hosts the southernmost port of the old Celtic province. In South Brittany, Pornic is the anchor of a historic time communications, once by the sea and rivers today by road and air, as the city grows less than 30 minutes from the Nantes-Atlantique. Busy since very ancient times, the city of Pornic made ​​its nest on a silver shale rock. It is the presence of large marine areas that are called men to locate one of the most curious megaliths of Brittany. Coveted by the Vikings, the port and its valley are then protected by a fortress in the Middle Ages became one of the residences of Gilles de Rais.

The castle, built in bow of the medieval village with its narrow streets, stairways, halls and chapels, is today the tourist station signal. Based fashion water and bathing established in 1830, the reputation of the station embellished romantic descriptions of George Sand, of Michelet.Le railway then gives the signal quality tourism that attracts Renoir Lenin or Léautaud … enriched fantasies seaside villas then implanted on the coast. The atmosphere of the “big time” is still alive today. The villas cottages have withstood time and appear in all their splendor. At the front, a customs trail is for walking, attracts a growing number of visitors who come to enjoy seascapes and wondrous flora …